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Sometimes, life isn't that easy though.  No matter how hard you try to work things out, there are people who only interpret concessions and civility as an opportunity for gain.  In these situations, it's important to have someone who is alert to the possibility of exploitation, and double talk.  

Lawyers have a bad reputation, and family lawyers are financially incentivized to increase conflict.  The more fighting and litigation that occurs, the more likely we benefit financially.  An angry spouse with an opportunistic attorney often produces catastrophic results when encountering an attorney with a cowardly "come to an agreement by any means" collaborative style.  

Having handled a plethora of litigious hearings and trials, I can tell you when your expectations are too low, when they are too high, and what  results will most likely occur when you get to court based on the circumstances.  That's the job of a good lawyer.  How you choose to act based on the information is up to you - it is your life, and it is my goal to make sure that it begins anew with the best possible start.

Firm Philosophy: Collaborative Divorce Law OFFICE OF ROBERT CHANG DIVORCE CHILD CUSTODY

I started my practice with the premise I would always attempt to facilitate a collaborative divorce.  Before going to law school, I worked for several years at a family law firm, and saw firsthand the potential of increasing acrimony between spouses when the court system is used haphazardly.

Growing up with separated parents, I think I  understand the stress and frustration of a long drawn out family divorce.  

The courts should be a place of last resort - who wants a Judge who barely knows you to make decisions for you?  That being said, I have had a lot of experience in family law, as well as the closely related field of bankruptcy and am able to be a zealous advocate when necessary.  However, my main philosophy is to make things workable between spouses - if there are children, this is even more essential because the love of both parents should be there, and the child shouldn't be made to feel bad about loving both of you.

My bankruptcy practice is an extension of my family practice, as oftentimes what is affordable before a divorce becomes very difficult when two people are paying rent in two different locations.  In the past I have worked for a bankruptcy law firm, and have handled hundreds of cases.